Catching Mahi-Mahi

What a nice all round fish to catch. We love catching Mahi-Mahi, it breaks up the Marlin and Tuna hunt. You can find Mahi-Mahi in deep-sea and all the seas around the world. Mahi-Mahi can be found in sea temperatures from 19 Celsius / 65 Fahrenheit to 24 Celsius / 75 Fahrenheit.

You can find small Mahi-Mahi around structure like buoys, debris, flotsam and jetsam. Large Mahi-Mahi can be found in all parts of the seas and along the coast. We troll on a average of 2800 Kilometers or 1511 Nautical Miles for a large bull fight.

When fresh from the sea Mahi-Mahi have a fantastic colors. Green blues yellow white and gold colors. The prize catch is a Mahi-Mahi Bull. Best fight and hard to come across.

Catching Mahi-Mahi is all about time. Alot of time at sea is required it's not a day sport on a holiday. Catching Mahi-Mahi is a by product of our Marlin research.

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by The Crew

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