Catching Marlin

If you have had the pleasure of catching a Marlin you will never forget it. If you’re on the hunt to get your first Marlin, you’re in for a teat. The first rule of Marlin hunting is TIME. You need a lot of it and you’re lucky if you catch one on a holiday fishing trip. We recommend getting access to a ship and commit one day a month, until you get one. More days out in peak season is recommended.

Marlin love warm temperatures around 24 Celsius or 75 Fahrenheit. Marlin love sleeping in warm water when the sun is high and the seas are charm. Some say looking for a Marlin is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So true.

The best way to catch Marlin is with trolling lures, adding scent is a good way to get them on the bite. We cover alot of water looking for them around 130 Kilometers to 70 Nautical Miles in 24 hours. Dusk and dawn (amber light) are good times, as they are looking for a feed.

Most Marin we have hooked was late in the afternoon as the light moves to dusk in clean clear warm water. We always use our scented teasers to get them to the back of the boat.

We recomend Marlin Pack
by The Crew

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