Catching Tuna

When fishing for tuna one thing you need is a good trolling lure or a big net and sports fishers don't use nets. Tuna are an off shore fish and can be found in the ocean or along the coast line.

Tuna eat Cephalopoda like squid and cuttlefish also Clupeoid like small fish and also Arthropods like crabs and shrimp also for a bit of salad like photosynthetic organisms algae. As the tuna age they build the confidence to catch fish.

When hunting for tuna we use lure chains and smaller type trolling lures. We have caught tuna in all types of light types. At night we use lights in the trolling lures and have no problem hooking all species of tuna.

Tuna spawn in 24 Celsius or 75 Fahrenheit sea surface temperatures laying many eggs in large numbers. The problem with spawning season is they are never on the bite and very hard to catch. Just after spawning season is the best time.

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by The Crew

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