Large Skirted Trolling Lures

When hunting for big fish you need a large trolling lure. Large trolling lures are hard to troll due to size and weight. You need very heavy tackle. Such as rod, line and leader rigged for heavy fishing.

The advantage of trolling large lures are, you can travel at high speed and cover a large area. You also have alot of space in the bait chamber so you can lay down a larger amount of scent behind the boat.

When rigging large trolling lures you should always use large trolling hooks from size 10/0 to 14/0. We recommend using a rigging sleeve to keep the hook shank stiff and upright. Having an upright hook allows the hook to set into the top of the mouth of the fish, this makes for the best fight and an easy release.

We recomend these large lures
by The Crew

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